Planning your route to greater well-being in a challenging world? Let's make your journey more rewarding!
Explore some of our great ViP® inspirations to build a strong base for your high energy life - clear your home and work space, improve vitality and, most importantly, optimise EMFs from all your smart devices.

The EMF Powerspot and other ViP® goodies

ViP Vibrationally imPrinted® Technology was first developed to be used by Harmonised Spaces Practitioners in their consultations. Now you can use these original products to create powerful healing harmonics for yourself. The ViP® energised jewellery, the Powerspot EMF Optimiser and ViP®Shungite products will give you key tools you to optimise the subtle energetics of your personal space and outer environment.  Find out more in our online store.

The Vitality Pendant and ViP®Activated Shungite Pendants are loaded with naturally uplifting frequencies to stimulate and strengthen your own natural  electromagnetic field for better balance - triggering vital powers of protection.


The Powerspot EMF Optimiser is a firm favourite - check it out for an effective way to combat EMF stress from smartphones, tablets, laptops and lots more ... 

ViP® Powerspot
Refresh your Space  * Boost your Energy  * Optimise EMF * from your smart phone 

ViP®Chi Vibrationally imPrinted Products - for Very Important People on a Very Important Planet