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I invite you to spend a little time with the information on these pages to find your personalised route to well-being. Your focus may be to upgrade the quality of your space for health and happiness. Or you may be here to find out how to live in harmony with the impact of EMF from your phone and the Smart technologies you use. There may be a call to delve deeper into your emotional healing with HeartSpeak or recharge and awaken deeper soul connection with a Star Reiki session.


You'll find proven products and processes described here that truly amaze as they work their ViP® magic to help restore balance and establish higher levels of clarity and vitality in your life. Powerfully programmed ViP®Chi (Vibrationally imPrinted®) bioresonant jewellery and accessories fit into your lifestyle with energy healing frequencies that are refreshingly easy to use.  

VIP® Powerspot EMF Optimisers 

Do you find yourself using your smartphone, tablet or laptop more than usual right now? It's a great way to stay connected to family, friends and work, but increasing use means more exposure to wireless radiation, which you're probably aware, is not ideal. The ViP® Powerspot EMF Optimiser is a potent solution to toxic exposures to wireless radiation, reducing associated symptoms of stress. 

Follow up on your visit .... please contact me for more information. I'll be delighted to answer your questions.

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Harmonised Spaces

Starting from the ground up, let's take a look at how we can create the high vibrational space that's perfect for your family, your business or your project. The Harmonised Spaces Consultation sets the foundation for good health, happiness and optimal well-being.

The Harmonised Spaces Consultation will establish a vibrant, clear and life enhancing energetic in your space, free from subtle disturbances or stressful influences. This is the essence and benefit of truly Harmonised Space.

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ViP® Energy

Enjoy a ViP energy lift with the unique Vibrationally imPrinted® jewellery and accessories - delivered free to your door anywhere in the world.



Delight your family and friends with thoughtful and original gifts to enhance their Chi and nurture vitality. 

The Powerspot EMF Optimiser is a must have for all the family.  Use to neutralise harmful frequencies from your mobile and smart devices. 

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Harmonised YOU

I'm delighted to share these two soul-warming new therapies. They're proving to be just the right kind of support during these changing times - HeartSpeak for emotional healing and stress reduction, and Star Reiki Energy Transmissions. Both available online.   Excellent for navigating the emotional and spiritual journey to greater self-awareness and fulfilment.


Book Online Sessions conducted on Zoom. For in person appointments please contact me.   

ViP® - Very Important People on a Very Important Planet -ViP®


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