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Discover the ViP® route to building strong foundations for wellness today!
  • with clear and energised environments 
  • increased vital energy and mental clarity and, importantly...
  • optimised EMF radiation from your phone and smart technologies.

The EMF Powerspot and other ViP® goodies

ViP Vibrationally imPrinted® Powerspots were first developed for Harmonised Spaces Consultants as the secret behind the powerful positive transformation of homes and workspaces this service provides. Now you can access these original products in our online shop to create healing harmonics in your own space.


ViP®energised jewellery, the Powerspot EMF Optimiser and ViP®Activated Shungite products are key tools to refresh, clear and upgrade your personal space (biofield) and life environments. 

Find out more in our online store.

The Vitality Pendant and ViP®Activated Shungite Pendants are loaded with naturally uplifting frequencies to stimulate your natural balance and strength - triggering latent powers of protection we all have. 


The Powerspot EMF Optimiser is a firm favourite with our clients - check it out for effective ways to combat EMF stress from mobiles, tablets, laptops, in-car navigation and entertainment equipment and lots more ... 

  ViP®Chi Vibrationally imPrinted Products - for Very Important People on a Very Important Planet 

The Harmonised Spaces Consultation


At Harmonised Spaces we assess how the quality of energy in the places and things around you subtly yet profound influence your state of well-being. The Harmonised Spaces Consultation gives us the opportunity to detect and transmute negative environments for our clients using the specially developed ViP® Powerspot bio-resonant Technology. A quantum Vibrational imPrinting® of pure high frequency energy, ViP® is the innovative energetic power behind the success of the Harmonised Spaces Consultation.

"I was introduced to Harmonised Spaces through a Harmonised Spaces practitioner who transformed my own home using ViP®Powerspots. With first hand experience of this modality, I can attest to an environment that became clearer, more peaceful and vibrant.  I feel as though my home was uplifted and I was more supported in the work that I do with clients and their healings.  I also feel more connected to my space and at peace in my own home.”

Angela Vernola, Feng Shui Consultant and Reiki Master  Teacher,  Massachusetts, USA



"I felt the incredible energy of all the products I have bought from Harmonised Spaces but especially the room harmoniser.   I was having challenges in my home that seemed difficult to resolve, if not impossible.   After chatting to Rosemary she gave me a room harmoniser to hold and I could instantly feel the energy calming my system down, especially in the heart chakra.   I decided there and then to buy one and as soon as I put it in my room the whole flat 'calmed down' and felt peaceful.   All the fractious energies seemed to dissipate and resolutions were found.   Thank you so much Rosemary for your products.   They make life so much easier."   K.T. Forres Scotland

CBS Accredited Products

Centre for Biofield Sciences Accredited

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