When planning your route to greater well-being in a changing world, let us help you make it an exciting journey!
We invite you to explore some great ViP® inspirations to build a strong base for your high energy life - clear your home and work space, strengthen your bio-field and, most importantly, optimise EMFs from your smart phone.

The EMF Powerspot and other ViP® goodies

Try ViP® Technology to create powerful healing harmonics for yourself. The ViP® energised jewellery, the Powerspot EMF Optimiser and Shungite products are designed for you to custom optimise your energy space and personal environment.  Browse them below & in our online store.

The Vitality Pendant and ViP®Activated Shungite Pendants are loaded with naturally uplifting frequencies to stimulate and strengthen your personal  electromagnetic field for better balance - triggering vital powers of protection.


The Powerspot EMF Optimiser is a firm favourite - check it out for an effective way to combat EMF stress from smartphones, tablets, laptops and lots more ... 

ViP® Powerspot
Refresh your Space  * Boost your Energy  * Optimise EMF * from your smart phone 

ViP®Chi Vibrationally imPrinted Products - for Very Important People on a Very Important Planet 

The Harmonised Spaces Consultation


At Harmonised Spaces we appreciate that the subtle qualities of the energy of people, places and things around us have a profound influence on our well- being. In a Harmonised Spaces session we transmute negative environments for our clients using our unique resonant ViP® Technology with it's quantum Vibrational imPrinting® of pure high frequency energy. It's the Secret power and energy magic behind the success of the Harmonised Spaces Consultation.

CONTACT us to to arrange a call to discuss in more detail.


Centre for Biofield Sciences Accredited

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