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Rosemary Innes

Holistic Practitioner 

Harmonised Spaces Consultant 

Specialist in Quantum EMF Solutions

Energy Technologies Innovator


An innovator in the emerging science of vibrational medicine, I've enjoyed over 30 years in holistic practice. I'm passionate about developing new energy technologies for their beneficial effect on health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on EMF radiation from mobile (smart) technologies and it's effect on human biology. For many people with electrosensitivities, living safely around the boom in smart technologies is difficult. Optimising these frequencies is vital. As an electrosensitive myself, I've been inspired to create a series of EMF optimising and  harmonising products, researching and testing extensively.

This is a time of great change on our planet. My most consuming interest is to contribute to the growing movement towards energy medicine, in it's many forms, taking shape for the making of the new world,

"I highly recommend Rosemary. She is an absolutely loving soul and totally dedicated to her work in helping humanity. Her work has surpassed many in her field. She works from integrity and empathy and anyone who knows her will fall in love with her energy" 

Sunita Techand, Dubai/Hong Kong

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Forres, Moray, IV36 1PN, Scotland, UK

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