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Rosemary Innes

Holistic Practitioner, Harmonised Spaces Consultant

EMF Specialist and Energy Technologies Innovator


An innovator in the emerging science of vibrational medicine, 

I've spent over 30 years in holistic practice, developing energy technologies for health and wellbeing.  ViP® Technology is a 'next generation' energy tool and is the basis of the ViP®Chi range of energised jewellery and accessories. I'm excited to bring these new health products to market. 


My earlier work with the energyDOT range of EMF Harmonisers and PHI (Programmed Harmonic Interface) Technology® has matured and progressed into the timely new ViP® Technology which underpins my current Harmonised spaces work.   N.B. As of 2016, I am no longer associated with any work, programming, development or production of any energyDOT product.


I'm delighted to offer my experience of many years in Harmonised Spaces Consultations, either in person or online, in a personalised format to clients from all sectors, with special application to businesses, homes and public spaces where clear, vibrationally sound environments are created to build the solid foundation for positive health and inspiring life experience. 


I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy exploring the healing opportunities presented on this website.


"I highly recommend Rosemary. She is an absolutely loving soul and totally dedicated to her work in helping humanity. Her work has surpassed many in her field. She works from integrity and empathy and anyone who knows her will fall in love with her energy" 

Sunita Techand, Dubai/Hong Kong

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