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Rosemary Innes

Founder/Trainer Harmonised Spaces Consultancy  

Creator of ViP (Vibrationally imPrinted) Products

Energy Technologies Innovator


As an innovator in the emerging science of vibrational medicine, Rosemary has gained inspiration and experience in over 30 years of holistic practice. Her passion lies in developing new energy technologies to bring the benefits for health and wellbeing to wider awareness. She is particulary focused on the problem of EMF radiation from Smart technologies. Rosemary understands that optimising these man made frequencies for greater compatibility with all life forms is vital.  Being electro-sensitive herself, she has been motivated to create a series of EMF optimising and harmonising products, researching and testing extensively over twenty years. 

At this time of great change on our planet Rosemary's most consuming passion is to contribute to the growing movement towards adoption of vibrational medicine, seeing that, in their many forms, these new resonant technologies are a key factor in the making of a new and more holistically aware world,

"I highly recommend Rosemary. She is an absolutely loving soul and totally dedicated to her work in helping humanity. Her work has surpassed many in her field. She works from integrity and empathy and anyone who knows her will fall in love with her energy" 

Sunita Techand, Dubai/Hong Kong

"As a Reiki Master Teacher and Feng Shui Consultant, and someone who works regularly with energy, I have to say, Rosemary's Harmonised Spaces has given me a beautiful and expansive tool to add to the work I already do.  

Angela Vernola, Massachusetts, USA

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Call +44 (0)7870 893307


Sandwell, Totnes, Devon, UK

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