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Experience a Harmonised Spaces Session

The Clearing Process

The Harmonised Spaces treatment is effective in resolving multiple levels of disharmony that can make you feel unwell in an environment :


-  problems associated with sick building syndrome

-  emotional residue and trauma from past events

-  negativity that continues to resonate in the fabric of the building

-  environmental and architectural imbalances

-  geopathic influences from earth energy currents


A further level of treatment is available to reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution from wireless technologies in the building is also available. Please ask for information.


A Harmonised Spaces Consultation is ideally conducted on-site. However, a remote consultation can be equally effective when time and distance are considerations. 

On-site consultation

The on-site service is recommended for larger properties and commercial premises where the layout of the building is more complex. It will be necessary for your consultant to make a physical assessment of the environment in order to provide you with the most effective clearing. There are other benefits in choosing to have your Harmonised Spaces session conducted on-site. You will enjoy a fuller understanding and experience of the work, having more time to go deeper in understanding and integrate the clearing processes and their effects for yourself.

Please contact me for pricing details.

"Rosemary came to clear the space in my new clinic a couple of months after I moved in. I was already comfortable in the space and had received compliments about the energy, but since her visit I have received many more such compliments, many people commenting on the positive feeling as soon as they walk through the door. Several people who experienced the space before and after commented on the change, without knowing what had been done.

I am very pleased with the results of the space clearing consultation and thoroughly recommend Rosemary's work."

Dr R McGill, Plymouth UK

The Remote Consultation

The remote consultation is the most efficient and cost effective option for smaller properties and for those living at some distance from a consultant. The session is conducted ideally on Skype or similar (telephone as a second choice!), to give the best connection both with you, the client, and with the energies of the space we are treating.

What to expect from your Harmonised Spaces Consultation

A Harmonised Spaces session begins with an energetic scan of the building. This is done using traditional dowsing methods. Each room is checked for disturbances in the subtle invisible dynamics of the space.


On-site consultations are recommended for larger properties. Remote sessions conducted online via Skype or Zoom, are ideal for smaller properties and are most cost effective.

Your consultant will be looking for those influences that drain, restrict or block the flow of energy, causing problems in the overall health of your space. Restricted or low energy vibrations in your home that make you feel lethargic and unmotivated, when cleared, can feel much more vital and inspired.

When the assessment is complete, the consultant will decide on the appropriate treatment. Harmonising discs are strategically positioned to disperse the old and set up the new energetic infrastructure. This anchors harmonious frequencies into the space to establish the higher vibrational field of health and well-being. 


Outdoor spaces, e.g. gardens, can also be treated. Consultations to improve the energetic condition of land - a building plot for example - are recommended to clear negative imprints from historic events of the effect of disturbed earth energies.

*As a client, your active participation in the Harmonised Spaces Session is encouraged. It’s recommended that you and your consultant work together during the clearing and resetting process so that your questions can be answered and any issues discussed. This leads to a more satisfying understanding of the transformation of your space - and a more rewarding experience! Most importantly, as your own energy is intimately involved in your space, you may have significant personal healing insights in response to the outer realignments of space in the session.

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