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harmonised interior space
Harmonised Spaces

  • Clear and revitalised

  • Health promoting

  • Aligned with nature

  • Deeply relaxing

​Just like people, places have a history - and they have moods that affect us.

You may have noticed that places have their own unique identity, and that some rooms or buildings you spend a lot of time in affect how you feel or behave?

It's widely recognised that living or working in a place that’s out of harmony instills it's negative vibrations into our bodies and the the fabric of our lives, subtly affecting our moods, relationships, health, work and creative potential. 

A Harmonised Spaces treatment creates optimised high energy environments !

Does your space need an energy overhaul? Let's check it out!

Contact me to arrange a free 20 minute remote assessment of the energy of your space. We'll arrange a phone call to check for potential problems in your space and arrange a full session if required. Both on-site and remote sessions are available. Read here for more information to help you decide which is best for your property.

“I was present in the room being treated, and, as soon as the energising discs were put in place, I suddenly felt really calm. I wasn’t aware of being ‘not calm’ beforehand!”

Sara Turner, Co-chair, British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association

Thinking of buying, selling or renting a property? It is a big commitment. We recommend adding an energetic survey to your list of checks on the premises before making your decision. A Harmonised Spaces Remote Consultation can put your mind to rest as to the energetic state of the property and offers an opportunity to identify and clear problems before you take up residence!

Harmonised Spaces greatly enhances the saleability of your property! 

"I had my house for sale for a time with limited success. So I called Rosemary in to perform a complete check of all the rooms and outside gardens too. She dowsed the areas and cleared where the energies were not in harmony. After the clearing the house had become a home again. After this, I had a number of viewings and a successful sale with a month.

Thank you Rosemary, I am sure your work helped in the sale by bringing a more stable, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to both my home and to me!"

P. Tarrant, Devon UK

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