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understanding energy

20th century genius, Albert Einstein, discovered that ‘everything is energy’.

His amazing body of work inspired Western science to explore the subtle realms of frequency and the invisible forces that make up our apparently solid material world.  

Einstein's work brought into focus the existence of an underlying 'life force' for people in the West. Known to the Chinese as Chi or Qi and in India as Prana,  ancient civilisations have recognised and worked energy for thousands of years. More recently it has come to be known as 'scalar energy' in the West,


The New Feng Shui

One area where Einstein's revelations on the subtle nature of reality become practically helpful is in the understanding of how the spaces and places we inhabit inform our wellbeing. Recognising this, long before we did so in the West, ancient Chinese scholars developed the system known as of Feng Shui. They already knew that our well-being depends on the fine balance and harmony of subtle invisible force fields. Through advanced understanding they knew how to clear and balance the energetic influences to optimise the health and wellbeing of their homes and public buildings. In this way they laid the foundations for success, happiness and a long and healthy life! 

Using these same universal principals, a Harmonised Spaces℠ session can rebalance and establish harmony in the resonant flows throughout an entire property. In contrast to traditional Feng Shui, the healing process is established with minimal upheaval. We won’t be advising you to move furniture or advising costly redecoration!


Bio-resonance for Harmonised Spaces

Small, powerful Vibrationally Imprinted® harmonising discs are used to bring about the critical subtle energy adjustments that create the signature high frequencies of Harmonised Space.  Correctly positioned, these tiny bio-resonantly programmed discs infuse the energetic fabric of the building so that a clearing and balancing process takes place. Like acupuncture needles in the body, the accurately placed discs, activate the healthy flow of vital energy around the building, relieving stress and tensions through the release of invisible blocks or other disruptive influences. We let the natural organising power of the resulting coherent field do the work!

“I was present in the room being treated, and, as soon as the energising discs were put in place, I suddenly felt really calm. I wasn’t aware of being ‘not calm’ beforehand!”

Sara Turner, Co-chair, British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association

Take a look at the energised ViP® Vibrationally Imprinted products on the Harmonised Spaces online shop -  pure energy treats for all occasions.

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