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ViP® Activated Shungite Pendant

ViP® Activated Shungite Pendant


A potently protective combination of three Vibrationally Imprinted® powerspots activating the EMF 'Miracle Stone', Shungite.


The natural frequencies of the ViP® Triple Activated Shungite Pendant reinforce your flow of Chi, strengthening the body's resilliance for great bounce back vitality.


Wear daily to optimise your bio-energy in EMF loaded places and challenging environments.


*New to the ViP® Activated Shungite range is the smaller Flower of Life Pendant (30mm diameter) with a single Powerspot for biofield balance and strength.

  • The Activated Shungite Personal Energy Pendant

    Do you find yourself tiring easily, experiencing foggy thinking, with headaches and possibly background low level anxiety? Any one of these and other debilitating symptoms can be the body's reaction to the invisible presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from mobile phone and broadband signals. 


    The ViP® Activated Shungite Personal Energy Pendant is a source of naturally high vibrational frequencies to supplement the body's energy reserves. It's designed to offset the effect of EMF exposure and infuse the biofield with new resilience. 


    The pendant combines shungite’s unique properties, believed to neutralise EMF frequencies, with three specific Vibrationally Imprinted® Powerspots -

    spot 1  - programmed to promote the healthy flow of vital energy   

    spot 2 - the EMF Powerspot for optimising wi-Fi and mobile signals  

    spot 3 - clears and recalibrates disturbances from the environment  


    The ViP® Shungite Triple Activated Pendant is intended for use in wi-Fi/smart environments. In fact, it's perfect to wear any time you feel you'd benefit from an extra energy boost! Supplied on a strong, adjustable 1.5mm thick waxed cotton thong, each disc pendant is approximately 5cm (2") in diameter. The drop pendant is 5cm (2") in length. Being hand cut, there can be slight variations on the images shown here.


    We also recommend the use of Powerspot EMF Optimisers on all cell/mobile phones and other smart devices you carry regularly or work near. Take a look at the Powerspots on our shop page.


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    As a customer, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being and any side-effects experienced in the use of ViP® Vibrationally Imprinted Products and Service

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