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Remote or On-Site Consultation

Which Service?

Recognising that our well-being depends on the delicate balance and flow of invisible forces, ancient Chinese scholars developed the art of Feng Shui. Through advanced understanding they knew how to clear and balance the movement of energy in their buildings. In this way they laid the foundation for success, happiness and a long and healthy life!


Using the same Universal principals, a Harmonised Spaces Consultation will rebalance and establish harmony in the flow and quality of energy in your property. In contrast to traditional Feng Shui, the Harmonised Spaces Consultation achieves the desired results with minimal upheaval. You won't be asked to move doors and furniture or advised to make costly renovation!


Ideally the Harmonised Spaces Consultation is conducted on-site. Where this is not possible, a remote consultation can be arranged. This can be equally effective for smaller properties when time and distance make site visits impractical.


On-site consultation

There are definite benefits in choosing to have your Harmonised Spaces session conducted with your consultant present on-site. You will enjoy a fuller experience and have considerably more time to explore and understand the clearing processes and notice the effects. I recommend this service for larger properties and commercial premises. Please contact me for pricing details.

See a complete description of a Harmonised Spaces Session

Remote consultation

The remote consultation is most efficient and cost effective for smaller properties and for those at some distance from a consultant. The session is conducted on Skype to give the best opportunity to connect both with you, the client, and with the energies of your space as we proceed with the treatment.


It's helpful if you can provide a plan or sketch of your property to make it as straightforward as possible to follow your description of the layout of your property during the session. This can be a simple sketch, no need for measurements or extreme accuracy! Photograph it on your phone and message it to me in advance of your session. Access to the energy of your space is gained through my communication with you as the resident or owner of the property.

Remote Harmonised Spaces Sessions offer an extremely cost effective way to enjoy harmonised space! Read about how the remote session works.

"I had lived in my flat in London for 8 years. During the WW2 it was a Methodist Chapel that had been bombed killing a number of people.   The feeling there was OK-ish but not quite right.   Rosemary did a remote clearing on it and advised me where some energy blocks lay and sent me some Powerspots which I placed in the specified areas.   Within a short space of time I noticed a much lighter feeling in the flat and was sleeping better.  Other pleasing outcomes were I found myself feeling calmer when dealing with challenges and also have become rather more keen to sort out paperwork etc which is normally an opportunity for procrastination!  All in all I can sense a much more peaceful atmosphere and that the place has been grounded. Rosemary's strong intuition and skills are profound and she clearly knows her craft - a highly beneficial and recommended experience."

Sally A. London 

Contact us to arrange a free 15 minute remote health check of your space.

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