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The Human Bio-field

Some sixty years ago a new area of scientific research began - the study of human bio-electricity. It soon became apparent that the human bio-electric field is made of this same energy, Chi or Prana.


Animated by a living electromagnetic field, the human body 'picks up', receives and responds to the thoughts, feelings and quality of the energies in the world around it. This energetic interaction is designed to nourish us - which is why we feel so good in nature. It's also a system intended to protect us. Through the information gathering process the biofield can sense unseen negative influences in its environment. When exposed long-term to negative energies or low frequency vibes, the body can be deeply affected. 

Understanding the subtle sensitivities of the human biofield is important in recognising the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation on health.  If you feel muzzy headed, anxious and generally unwell around mobile phones, smart technologies or wireless electronic devices it may be because your body's systems are confused and disturbed by the invisible but pervasive influence of EMF radiation causing these and other stress symptoms. 


The ViP®Powerspot is designed to effectively reduce the effects of exposure to damaging electromagnetic fields (EMF) from smart electronic equipment. Powerful resonant harmonics programmed into the Powerspot actively retune these man made EMFs, making them more compatible with the human energy field. Using naturally coherent frequencies, the Powerspot instantly optimises EMF radiation from all kinds of electronic equipment

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