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Star Reiki

Encoded Star-Light transmissions for well-being and conscious evolution
The gently nurturing Star Reiki session is typically one hour long. It’s conducted in a warm, soothing and safe environment where you lie, fully clothed on a therapy couch. As your Star Reiki practitioner I describe how the session is conducted to help you understand exactly what will happen. I perform gentle hand movements above or on your body and hold these positions for a few minutes at a time to allow the transmission to flow, working from head to foot

During the session, Star Reiki energy is conducted through the practitioner's hands. Your body’s innate intelligence knows how to use this energy in whatever way is most helpful to you in that moment. Star Reiki energy contributes to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and conscious evolution.

Star Reiki Benefits

- Brings in more conscious Light (chi, prana) to the physical body 

- Relaxing on all levels of being

- Revitalising and refreshing stores of subtle energy

- Releases the unconscious patterns stored within the physical body

- Empowers access to new talents, inspiration and abilities 

- Brings more clarity into your life





“ It’s a long long time since I felt so relaxed!!”  J.S. Forres

“ What a wonderful treatment! Not only was it immensely relaxing, I could feel energy moving through my body very powerfully. Rosemary has a lovely presence and I really felt I was in safe, competent hands.”

Dawn Cawthra-Smith, Findhorn, Scotland. 

" I signed up for 6 sessions as recommended by Rosemary, as I felt the need to integrate my light body and my physical body. The course put me through lots of inner process but after the last session I definitely felt the benefit of the complete course…..I feel more relaxed, integrated and a lot lighter, and more able to nourish my physical body.  One unexpected bonus was that I connected deeply and more completely with my father who passed about 10 years ago. A profoundly healing experience."

K.O. Inverness

Evolutionary Conscious Light 

Star Reiki recognises that, as divine sovereign beings, it is our birthright to experience Life through the knowledge encoded in our DNA, pineal gland, the heart field and the Earth’s core crystalline field. When activated, they become a golden bridge for us to connect with and remember our true soul nature as Ambassadors of ancient Star-Light consciousness.

At our core, as conscious beings of Light alive at this time, we are pioneers, holding and embodying an ancient wave of conscious Light arriving on Earth. It’s been travelling for more than 14 billion years, and now, for the first time in human history, we can actually interact with these photons of ancient light. As a result, the energetic signatures encoded within each of our 12 strands of DNA have begun to activate. In this momentous awakening we gain access to a high level of Galactic Consciousness, an expanded state of awareness that flows like an ocean of Light into our existence on multiple levels of conscious experience. 

Star Reiki is a means to facilitate and expand this awakening process, each session supplying the Star-Light energy signatures for the client’s inner wisdom to access and integrate in the way most appropriate to the unfolding of their own unique soul journey.