unwind your mind and set your heart free

  • Do you ever feel anxious or stuck?

  • Unable to achieve change on an issue that has plagued you?

  • Have you ever kept repeating the same mistakes?

  • Do you feel there is a distance between the 'you' inside and the ‘you’ that you show to the world?

HeartSpeak is an exciting new kinesiology based emotional healing and stress reduction tool developed by Dr. Anne Jensen. It works on the understanding that there are two parts to the mind: The Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind. Our Emotional Mind is often the seeker of ‘truth’ that is so often drowned by our Logical Mind.

Michelle from the U.K. says, “I have seen such huge shifts and felt profound changes in my whole wellbeing, in only a few sessions. After many years of suffering with sometimes crippling anxiety, low self-esteem, recurrent depression and a general underlying feeling that something just wasn't right, I now feel a lightness inside and life feels positive in a way I have never felt before.


I feel able to move through life with more ease, this ease feels solid and not fleeting or transient as it has done so many times before and with other emotional release work. Even on subtle levels, for example holding eye contact with people, have I felt a change in my being. I've had many people say how amazing I look- perhaps something has lifted from behind my eyes- but I feel both more engaged, engaging and connected. I'm sure there is lots still lurking in there! But it feels life-changing to have connected with this process and to see and feel such instant and tangible results. I am amazed by HeartSpeak!”