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ViP®Merkaba Light Body Crystal

ViP®Merkaba Light Body Crystal

SKU: 36523641234523

A powerful ViP® Imprinted Quartz Crystal Merkaba for Light Body Activation.

Use this finely tuned ascension tool to clear, recover and reset elements of your light body that have been blocked or ‘switched off’ for aeons. The process of re-membering and ‘waking up’ to ourselves is the journey we are all engaged in at this time. Use the ViP® Imprinted Merkaba to reactivate multi dimensional levels of the light body - recommended 15-20 minutes daily. 


With protective velvet carry pouch to have your merkaba crystal with you at all times. Available in Small (approx 10mm) and Medium (approx 15mm) sizes, measured by the distance of square point to point. The size of the crystal does not directly impact the power of the crystal. Different sizes are offered for personal preference only. 


    Directions for use

    Hold the ViP®Merkaba crystal upright between thumb and middle finger. Move the ViP®Merkaba slowly in your field, to 6 inches in front of the third eye centre to make an energetic connection. From here, allow the ViP®Merkaba to guide your hand intuitively in gently sensing movements around your field. You will find there are points when the ViP®Merkaba asks to stop for a moment or a few minutes as the energetic interaction allows the release of long held blockages, reactivating and repairing multiple layers of the light body matrix.


    At times you will sense the ViP®Merkaba directing you to hold it further  away or closer to the body. At other times you may find it leads you into a repeating pattern of movements. Explore and enjoy the exquisitely fine vibrations of the healing journey with your ViP®Merkaba Crystal.


    Caring for your ViP®Merkaba Crystal

    As with all healing sessions, don't forget to drink plenty of pure water after working with your ViP®Merkaba Crystal. If you feel to cleanse your crystal, sit it in the sun for a few minutes or hold under running water. Avoid rough handling and always make sure to store your crystal carefully. Carry well wrapped to avoid chipping the fine points of the crystal. 


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    Faulty / Damaged Goods

    Faulty or damaged goods can be exchanged for replacement or for a full refund. The damaged product will be replaced as soon as possible if available or an alternative will be offered.

    We will require photographic evidence of the damaged goods to authorise your refund. Please contact if you intend to return goods.


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