For deep insight and light healing, in my experience, these two therapies are perfect for the times we live in today. I offer them with confidence they will find their way to the heart of your situation powerfully and effectively.

HeartSpeak is a new, innovative kinesiology-based emotional healing tool that's easy to do and super powerful. It uses the paradigm that there are two minds at play: the Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind. While the Logical Mind thinks, rationalizes and explains, the Emotional Mind simply feels. And let’s face it – oftentimes it is impossible to talk or think your way free of unwanted behaviours.


In HeartSpeak, the Logical Mind is put aside while we focus on engaging the Emotional Mind, as you feel your way free of debilitating stress. The result is a sense of freedom, ease and lightness. The HeartSpeak sessions equally effective conducted remotely online using surrogate muscle testing.

Star Reiki​ is a means to facilitate and expand your healing and awakening process. Each session supplies the Star-Light energy codes into your field for you to direct according to your own innate wisdom. This happens at a deep and often non-conscious level where you can access and integrate the Star Reiki frequencies to facilitate the unfolding of your own unique soul journey.

The gently nurturing Star Reiki session is conducted in a warm, soothing and safe environment where you lie, fully clothed on a therapy couch. The Star Reiki practitioner will describe how the session is conducted to help you understand exactly what will happen. She will make gentle hand movements above or on your body (or remotely) and hold these positions for a few minutes at a time, working from head to foot. 

During the session, Star Reiki energy is conducted through the practitioner's hands. Your body’s innate intelligence knows how to use this energy wherever it’s most helpful. Star Reiki energy contributes to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and conscious evolution.