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Sharing the ViP® Vision

Enjoying your *ViP® products? Recently discovered Powerspot and feel excited to spread the news? Our customers tell us they love getting these products to their family and friends. Here's a great opportunity to engage with us to share the goodies - and get something back for your enthusiasm! 


The power of ViP® energised products touches lives. We'd love to have you on board as a valued ambassador and partner.


Looking forward to welcoming you to the team!

ViP®Activated Shungite Room Harmoniser Pyramid

Social Media

Clearing and raising the energy in your space can be effortless with this powerful little ViP® Activated Shungite Pyramid - and there's even a special EMF harmonising Desk Pyramid too. Share the tingle with your Instagram, Twitter and social media partners. 

Powerspot EMF Harmoniser

Family and Friends

Make friends with your phone 

Get Powerspot's quantum technology working it's magic for you - just email your Affiliate Link or send it on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal. So many ways to help people find the solution to the EMF situation we all face while enjoying our connectivity!

Flower of Life ViP®Activated Shungite Energy Pendant


Our Therapists love Powerspots,

recommending them for client's wellbeing. Reducing EMF stress, ViP® products are key to building resiliance.

Show a ViP® Affiliate Banner on your practice website to spread the Love for the ViP® people on our ViP® Planet.

when you click on this link ...

Step 1: our Affiliate information page opens with a link for you to sign up  

Step 2: your ViP® Affiliate Dashboard is created. Here you will find your personal link to share with friends

Step 3: when your friends use this link to go to the ViP®Powerspot shop you receive commission on to their purchases

ViP®Chi Vibrationally imPrinted Products - for Very Important People on a Very Important Planet 

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